Month: April 2015

jackrabbit-673965_1280If you’re not on my subscribers list, you’re missing out on an exclusive free ebook which includes 5 Bible memory songs from Ephesians 1-2. Tuning Your Ears, is a 21-day Bible study about memorizing the Bible: how memorization can train your ears to hear the voice of God.

That’s right. I happen to believe that one of the underlying assumptions of the Bible writers is that, being the record of the very words of God, the Bible deserves and requires a significant investment of our intense attention, energy, and time. Job 28 compares the wisdom of God to a treasure mine. Because the Bible contains the infinite treasures of God’s wisdom, we should, like miners who have discovered, say, a diamond mine, put whatever amount of work is required to find and get that treasure for ourselves. Memorization, in my opinion, is one very powerful way of “digging.”

I’m speaking from experience here. Never has my spiritual walk been more energized than when I began ingesting massive amounts of it by memorization to music. I know for a fact I’m not the only one. Comments, anyone? I know you’re out there!

Does the Bible want to be memorized? I think so, and here are a few reasons why: Read More…

Psalm 113 (ESV)     


The point of Psalm 113 is clear: God loves the poor and needy, and he has the power and the love to help them. But in order to really find the gospel in this Psalm we need to dig a bit into what it means to be “poor,” biblically. Most of us don’t think of ourselves as poor. We ate breakfast this morning. We’re wearing decent shoes. The car is full of gas. So we make the mistake of thinking we have no right to come to God empty-handed. We don’t want to be whiners. Yet self-sufficiency is a deadly lie.

How can we hope to be among the blessed ones (Matthew 5:3-12) when we are so very prosperous? “With God all things are possible,” Jesus said (Matthew 19:23-26). God can and graciously does bring us to our knees in a variety of ways so that we will cry out to him and be blessed. There are many kinds of poor… Read More…

Psalm 113 (ESV)     

chicks-706486_1280One of the things we love most about babies is how profoundly needy they are. Think about the reactions people have when they see a new baby. Some people are overwhelmed with a kind of admiring pity: “sweet little thing.” Others marvel at the tiny fingers and toes or the oh-so-soft featheriness of the baby’s cheeks. There are even people who find the fragility of a new baby so overwhelming that they hesitate to get too close. A baby’s neediness is a powerful thing that evokes powerful emotions in us. And nothing is more precious to a new mother than the fact that her baby needs her.

Why is it, then, that in spite of our hard-wiring to love small, needy, helpless things, we resist the fact that God sees us this way?

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