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That's me!In a nutshell…

I am the author of Disciple Curriculum, a Bible curriculum for all ages which emphasizes learning the redemptive story of Scripture through extensive memorization, study, and discipleship. I compose and sing all of the songs on this site (with great help from my husband, co-founder of our ministry, learnChrist). Many of the songs here are included on the CDs which form the foundation of Disciple Curriculum–although sometimes I throw in a new one specially for my blog friends!

I have written a number of books and would love to begin working with an agent or publisher to publish them!  You can help me in this by supporting my blog. Send your friends my way, subscribe to the blog, and most of all, read what I have to write. Spread the word! See my list of books here.

I also love to teach Bible in my local church, writing classes in our homeschool community, singing and music (and a dash of dance–sh! they don’t know it!) in SHEMA Bible Choir. And, of course, there is no joy greater for me than to teach, write, and sing for my own sweet children at home as we all learn and grow together under the influence of God’s word. Which brings me to…

 My Life: Lots of Life!

Yep, that’s me, sitting at my piano, twirling my hair, and probably telling one of the kids not to sing so loud…or to hang in there for that last math problem…or to stop Smudge (our cat) from making a snack out of Sherbee (our bird). Behind me are lots and lots of books. And that’s pretty much my story. Music. Kids (4). Animals (add to Smudge and Sherbee 3 more cats, 1 dog, and 4 more birds). And books. Some I wrote, some I read, and some I just bought and put on the shelf. Behind the camera is my husband, John. We’ve been married 20 years. My story is his story, too.

I look tired in this picture. Tired, but happy. That’s about right. I’m a homeschooling mom, author of Disciple Curriculum, and founder with John of learnChrist. These honored roles keep me busy planning, cooking, cleaning, discipling, writing music, telling stories, writing and teaching Bible studies, encouraging other moms like me, and directing SHEMA Bible Choir. My favorite part: all of this hard work God has graciously given me to do keeps me hungry for his word, longing for his presence, and rejoicing in the fact that my story–birds and all–makes sense to me, and is worth sharing with you, because of what God has accomplished through his Son, Jesus the Christ.

My Name: Hannah of-the-Plow

Hannah…what? It’s pronounced PLOOG-strah. (Think “oe” as in “shoe.”) It’s Dutch and it has something to do with the fact that my husband’s ancestors were farmers, that is, of the plow. John’s an artist, and when we got married he liked the sound of my maiden name, “Rainbow,” so much that thought we should consider keeping it because it suited him so well. But I’m glad we took his; I’ve come to realize it suits me. I’ve always been excited about the way the Bible freshens, fertilizes, and softens the soil of our hearts, and since I can remember wanting the things of God, I can remember wanting to be used by him to prepare and protect the soil of the hearts of his people.

My Vision: The Bible is Everything

The header on this website says, “Hannah Ploegstra: Encouraging, Equipping, and Energizing Disciples of Jesus Christ.” But that’s not exactly the way I see it. It really should say, “The Word of God: Encouraging, Equipping, and Energizing Disciples of Jesus Christ,” because the Bible (in the hands of the Holy Spirit and the hearts of those who believe) is truly everything when it comes to following Christ.

  1. The Bible is the hammer that breaks up the stones and the fire that burns off the weeds to make our hearts ready for the seed (Jeremiah 23:29).
  2. The Bible is the seed that goes into our hearts and springs up in fruit of righteousness (Mark 4:14).
  3. The Bible is the water that makes the seed come alive in the soil of our hearts (Isaiah 55:10-11).
  4. The Bible (the word of God) is the bread of the harvest which it has borne itself, which nourishes and feeds us (Deuteronomy 8:3).

My hope is that when you visit my website and blog you will not hear primarily from me, but from God himself through his word. I want nothing more than to package and present his word to you in ways that are tasty, tantalizing, easily digestible, and thoroughly rich in nourishment.

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