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records-143468_1280John 1:9-18

The more you listen to the word that gave you life, the more alive you will become. HP small button

How to Use the Bible Memory Songs

Please take advantage of my Bible memory songs! You won’t be sorry. Here are some ways you can use the songs to stimulate your love and faith.


Play the Bible memory song daily, even several times a day, until you know it by heart. This isn’t just for kids. If you play it and play it, you will learn it. Hum and sing along if you can, and before you know it the words will all be there, too. Possible side effects: You may find yourself awake at night with the Bible in your head! And, if the Spirit is at work, you may find it is convicting you of sin, straightening out wrong ways of thinking, or making you desperate for God. All good things. Just let it happen. You’ll love it.


Play the Bible memory song where other people can learn it with you. At the breakfast table, in the car, before bedtime–these are all ideal places to get the word floating around in the air and growing your family all together in the word. And it’s effortless!


Play the Bible memory song loud enough to hear the words (at least some of the time). This isn’t meant to be feel-good background music to “set a tone.” It’s meant to be in-your-face power from God’s own mouth that takes over your attention and consumes your thoughts. So you have to hear it, audibly.


What’s the goal? In my opinion, the success of memorizing the Bible is not found in your ability to stand and recite the words. This only proves you learned them. But what really matters–the reason you learn them–is the fruit they bear. God’s word is a seed that bears much fruit in good soil (Mark 4). Some of the kinds of fruit you might see cropping up in you includes increased joy about the gospel, love for Christ, or desire to be with other people who love him. Perhaps your faith will get stronger, or your contentment with your own life. Maybe you’ll find you’ve been thinking wrong about a point of biblical truth. Or maybe you’ll find new peace and perspective to face a trial. These are all ways the word of God bears fruit in our lives once it is planted inside our hearts.

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