Straddling many twigs…but firmly grounded

10 Job 42_2-6     


This month our family moved to a new house in town, and as you can imagine I am straddling many twigs these days…thanks, birdie, for the visual. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

However, the Lord continues to teach us through all seasons of life, so I wanted to share with you several articles I’ve posted on Matthias Media’s platform this past month. Along with my posts, I’m sharing a song from Job 42 this month, you know, the passage in which Job finally realizes his life is going the way it’s going precisely because God is in control. God has a plan, and God knows how to carry it out. What a comfort. And what a joy to know God–to “see” him, and not merely hear of him–through the unpredictable yet totally planned events of our lives. I hope you’ll take the time to learn this song. (No study guide this month.)

After you’ve read my articles, browse around a bit. Matthias Media is one of the most Bible-centered, gospel-focused Christian publishers I know of, and their single-minded purpose is to equip you with solid tools for discipleship. One subscription to their site gives you instant access to a huge number of their Bible study resources.

Here’s what I’ve been thinking and learning about in my walk with Christ:

In defense of being busy

Here’s the gist of my thoughts: Since busyness is a sign of health, growth, and life, we should stop saying “I’m so busy” as a complaint, and learn to say it as a remark of deep gratitude. But this will require a change in how we think, and possibly in how we spend our time. In defense of being busy suggests ten important Bible passages to help you consider how you might rethink the blessing of being busy, or re-center your life so that your calendar is busy with things worth rejoicing about.

How the doctrine of election fueled Jesus’ work

No one understood the power of the doctrine of election better than Jesus, God’s chosen one (Luke 9:35). Jesus understood this: to be chosen by God is to be precious and loved with an everlasting love (1 Pet 2:4). Knowing that his person and work were a part of God’s infallible plan fueled everything Jesus did.

Being chosen in him means that our lives and mission will mimic his. The Bible’s glad doctrine of election should give us the same courage, clarity, and joy that it gave to Jesus in the work he has left us to do. (John 17:18-19; 1 Pet 2:4-5, 9-10

Read How the doctrine of election fueled Jesus’ work to learn more about how the doctrine of election fueled Jesus’ work, and how it fuels your work in him.

Whose salt and light does the world really need?

Don’t ever move beyond the gospel in your attempt to be salt and light. The gospel we’re sharing is not that you and I are wonderful people. Remember, as you seek to demonstrate the holiness God has worked in you, that the reality of this holiness rests entirely upon his Son. Being salt and light isn’t a response to the gospel, it is the direct result of it. In Whose salt and light does the world really need? I’ll encourage you with the fact that even on your driest day, on the day of your worst sinful blunder, you can accomplish hunger, sorrow, and a profound sense of need for Christ–and point the world to the one you go to for the salt and light you need.

How to measure “fruit” in your ministry

Our purpose is to bear the fruit of the vine of Jesus (John 15:4, 16). To become exactly like him, both in our suffering and in our eventual glory (Rom 8:17). To experience the Father’s love for his Son in the discipline that leads to perfection (Heb 2:10-11, 12:7,11).

If there was a glitch or even a total wipe-out at your last ministry event, don’t wonder if God skipped out on his end of the bargain. And goodness, don’t give Satan all the credit! In How to measure “fruit” in your ministry I’ll show you how to measure “fruit” the ways measures it–and I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

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