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Ephesians 3_8-21     

bees-345628_1280Ever feel like you could be so much more effective as a Christian if you really knew what your special “calling” was? Well, you can. But you’ll have to learn to think like these bees here. Read More…

Ephesians 1_3-10     


Poor little froggie. He’s so cross, but look where he lives! How can he wear such a sad, sullen little face in the mouth of a comical laughing swine?

There’s a reality we live in and by that is nothing but sparkling joy and bubbly-good news, yet many Christians, though it is the foundation of all their blessing, find it annoying, even infuriating. And certainly nothing to laugh about–though we’re quick to fight over it. But in the Bible, it’s arguably the gladdest doctrine. Or at least it’s one of them. Read More…