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Ephesians 3_8-21     

bees-345628_1280Ever feel like you could be so much more effective as a Christian if you really knew what your special “calling” was? Well, you can. But you’ll have to learn to think like these bees here. Read More…

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When I am spiritually thirsty–not just from one day of dryness, but from a period of chronic dryness–I literally feel in my body the sensations of thirst. Tightness in my throat and stomach. Irritation. Lack of ability to concentrate. Constant fatigue. For me, spiritual thirst feels almost exactly like physical thirst.

Whether you’re as psychosomatic as me or not, I’m sure you’ve said at one time or another in your life, “I feel spiritually dry.” If you haven’t felt that way before, you probably will at some point. Symptoms of spiritual thirst may include the following: Read More…

Ephesians 1_3-10     


Poor little froggie. He’s so cross, but look where he lives! How can he wear such a sad, sullen little face in the mouth of a comical laughing swine?

There’s a reality we live in and by that is nothing but sparkling joy and bubbly-good news, yet many Christians, though it is the foundation of all their blessing, find it annoying, even infuriating. And certainly nothing to laugh about–though we’re quick to fight over it. But in the Bible, it’s arguably the gladdest doctrine. Or at least it’s one of them. Read More…

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First things first: How we know God can raise the dead

The Bible opens with a declaration that God loves life. Genesis’ account of the origin of life does not describe the supposed long and lethargic mutation of evolution, but an explosive, noisy, springing forth of creatures at God’s command.

The water teems and bubbles with living creatures, the birds fill the sky, the land breaks forth with walking, crawling, slithering, hopping things. I assume they didn’t take long to begin making noise, looking for food, moving, snorting, rooting. Activity everywhere. Colors, sounds, and textures of every kind. Creatures ranging from bizarre to cuddly. And God loved it.

Genesis 1 provides the foundation for the biblical hope of resurrection. Were it not for God’s delight in life, his determination to bring forth life where once it did not exist, and his power to do so, we would have no hope that he is able or that he even desires to bring us back to life from the darkness and void of sin. Genesis 1 provides a thesis statement for the whole Bible:

God loves life, and he loves to give life!

And on that premise, the story continues. Read More…

1 Corinthians 15_16-26_54b-58     

iStock_000004699163XSmallemptytombIn 1 Corinthians 15:19, Paul gets in your face with this statement:

If in Christ we have hope in this life only, we are of all people most to be pitied.

In other words, if you think your walk with Christ is useful only to improve or even simply to validate this life you’re living now, you are living the most pathetic kind of life any person could live.

Why? Because “this life” for the believer is all about sacrifice, self-denial, and suffering. If there’s nothing beyond it, no reward, no blessing, no final victory, then what’s the point? What has Christ even really accomplished? If “this life” is all that exists, then, Paul says, you’d be better off–even wiser, really–to invest your time, energy, and resources in something that will make you happy NOW. Read More…