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Isaiah 11_1-10     


This is the trunk end of an olive tree. See the spriggy pieces in the foreground in front of the moss? They look like miniature trees–which is essentially what they are. They’re “shoots,” branches that grow up from the root of the original tree. We have them on all our trees, too, and when they show up you just have to cut them off and haul them away because chances are, they aren’t going to produce any fruit. Sometimes they’re even called suckers, because normally all they do is steal resources from the plant without giving anything back. In Hebrew, the word for these unwanted branches is “netzer.” And yes, there is a point to all this.

But first, a short story…

Last winter our avocado tree froze. Eventually, it died. When John, my husband, went out to do something about it he noticed that a netzer had shot up from the tree roots and was passing up the actual tree. The netzer was green and healthy; the original tree was brown and shriveled. Read More…

Psalm 113 (ESV)     

chicks-706486_1280One of the things we love most about babies is how profoundly needy they are. Think about the reactions people have when they see a new baby. Some people are overwhelmed with a kind of admiring pity: “sweet little thing.” Others marvel at the tiny fingers and toes or the oh-so-soft featheriness of the baby’s cheeks. There are even people who find the fragility of a new baby so overwhelming that they hesitate to get too close. A baby’s neediness is a powerful thing that evokes powerful emotions in us. And nothing is more precious to a new mother than the fact that her baby needs her.

Why is it, then, that in spite of our hard-wiring to love small, needy, helpless things, we resist the fact that God sees us this way?

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