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01 Psalm 104_1-9     

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03 Psalm 104_24-31     


When I am spiritually thirsty–not just from one day of dryness, but from a period of chronic dryness–I literally feel in my body the sensations of thirst. Tightness in my throat and stomach. Irritation. Lack of ability to concentrate. Constant fatigue. For me, spiritual thirst feels almost exactly like physical thirst.

Whether you’re as psychosomatic as me or not, I’m sure you’ve said at one time or another in your life, “I feel spiritually dry.” If you haven’t felt that way before, you probably will at some point. Symptoms of spiritual thirst may include the following: Read More…

Deuteronomy 6_4-12     

We humans need every reminder we can get that the Bible contains the very words of God, spoken from the same mouth which created us and which continually sustains our lives. In the Bible song I’m sharing this month (Deuteronomy 6:4-12) God essentially tells his people to do whatever they need to do to remember his word. Tie it around your wrist. Strap it to your head. Graffiti it on your front door if that’s what you have to do. Which is why this devout Israeli soldier looks like this:

I’m not telling you to dress like this guy, or to confine yourself to a study all day and copy the Bible in calligraphy. The gospel, we are told, has accomplished much more than any phylactery (also called tefillah.) “I will put my law within them, and I will write it on their hearts,” God promised in the days of Jeremiah. And that is just what he has done by the presence of his Spirit in us, continually speaking the word of God–his word–to our hearts (Hebrews 10:15-25). Read More…