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2015 SHEMA Bible Choir is my big, delicious project every spring. It’s a concert of kids and young adults who memorize and perform an hour of Scripture to music. (Just for fun, SHEMA stands for Sing His Epic Mighty Acts, but really it’s a Hebrew word that means “listen,” as in “Shema, oh Israel, the LORD our God, the LORD is one.”)

In March 2013, we started with 30 kids and young adults singing five chapters from Revelation. The next year, we grew to over 70, and the following year we were at a whopping 104! Praise God for so many young people zealous to write his word on their hearts and share with others!

Click on this link to watch a great video of my husband, John, explaining the purpose and vision of SHEMA to our city’s newspaper. 2015 SHEMA Bible Choir (coverage in Visalia Times-Delta)